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New Community Quarterly – Australia’s only Journal fully devoted to Community Development – is the ‘successor’ of Community Quarterly, which appeared for seventeen years since 1983 and went temporarily into ‘hibernation’ for over two years, early 2000.


We attempt to address issues of importance to local communities and to the people who live in them and invite contributions to any of the four major sections around which the journal is built.


There’s a ‘refereed’ section, which accepts ‘academic’ articles of any content related to Community Development and which is peer-reviewed; there’s a ‘thematic section’, which invites contributions to a theme deemed important for the practice of community development or which discusses important contextual issues to that practice; we have a section for ‘networking’, where local, regional, state or interest-specific networks are invited to send in news or other materials and where we hope a dense ‘conversation’ amongst all of them will develop from; finally, there’s a section with news, information, reviews, readers’ feedback and contributions to discussion, especially also from overseas.


We hope to contribute to the ongoing debates and mutual learning of all those interested in the theory and practice of Community Work in Australia and further a-field. Contact Borderlands for information about subscriptions or submissions of articles or any other news.

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